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I'm back baby :}

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My old smokers element went out over a year ago, today i finally got a new one.{ I know it took ahile always had other things come up that took my funds away} I paid 369.00 for a 40" Masterbuild digital electrick smoker with 3 year extended warranty from sams club.


I will have to start reading again on how long to cook and how to prep my pork butt that has been in freezer for about a year, I hope it's still good after all that time?

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Welcome back!! If it is vac packed it should be OK. Check it for freezer burn.

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Welcome back! I agree with Al -- should be ok if well sealed.
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Thanks all. I have 2 pork butts in since 11;00 this morning and both are t about 156 degrees hoping they'll be done about 5 pm including hour wrappe in foil in cooler?
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Welcome back mijpa !!!


You're gonna love that new MES 40!




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