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Craig.......What chefrob said.


Originally Posted by chefrob View Post

looks good....what's her recipe, i like lots of garlic and pepper too!


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Andouille is another word for 'yeowyousaiditwasspicydidn'ttellmemytonguewouldfalloff' sausage....!cheers.gif

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Originally Posted by fpnmf View Post

I slice it and put it on a bum warm or cold.


We eat it like a snack here.. She heats it up I eat it cold.


We take sticks in the cooler when we go to the beach and just eat it.


It also goes into red beans and rice and jamblaya here.


heheheh I could go on....




AHHAAHAHHAH that sounds pretty good and just what I have been looking for.  Thanks for the recipe I will have to make up a batch for sure! thumb1.gif


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Originally Posted by fpnmf View Post

Did 2 batches of the same old andouille recipe with a change in the second batch.. 


 The Woman like bigger chunks and more pepper and garlic than I like soooo.........


One for me and one for her.


Mine is in the smoker and hers just got stuffed and is waiting its turn in the smoker.


Cut a little over half into chunks and ground the rest.


I really like the 38/42 casings from Syracuse casing. 


They slide right on and then pull out the plastic sleeve!! Thanks Pops!!






Her batch now in the fridge..




What's in the smoker batch!!




I have a great time making sausage..


It is a lot of steps and takes a good bit of time.


  I am a happy guy!!



I can see why you're a happy guy, I'm a happy girl just lookin' at your pics!! biggrin.gif

Great job Craig!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif


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Thanks Jeanie!!



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Dang I have been so busy this weekend I missed this one. Great looking sausage man

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Doesn't look that great.  Send it to me for disposal.


Good luck and good smoking.

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You guys are killing me. 2 andouille posts in one day. I want some NOW! Great job Craig, they look delicious.

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Man I need a grinder
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