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Whole Hog

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Back in January we cooked a whole hog.  I have some pics, but no money shot because by the time we were finished it was dark and late we were tired.  It took a little longer than we thought because we did not spread him out flat.  Other than that it tasted great and we had a great time.


Picture 141.jpg


Picture 137.jpg


Picture 140.jpg


Here we raised the head up a bit because the front was cooking faster than the rear.


Picture 142.jpg

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Looks like a big job.  How long did it take?  Would have loved to see the money shot!


Is that galvanized chicken wire wrapped around that porker?  If so, you might want to re-think that next time.  Galvanized metal + heat + food = no bueno!



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Sure would have loved to see it all cut up!

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It looks lik hard work .well done

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Cool !!!!


For some reason, when I look at that first picture, I hear the faint sound of duelling Banjos!   Gunner.gif





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