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First Smoke w/Qview

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This is my first attempt at smoking meat.  I smoked two butts Sunday and took one to the in-laws for Memorial Day.  The other we've eaten on since.  While I made a few mistakes, mostly due to poor planning, it turned out great.  I used Meowey's method (thanks Meowey) and used a store bought rub.  As an experiment, I used spicy brown mustard and rub on one and just rub on the other.  Next time, I will do a better job of planning and I will try a homemade rub (probably Jeff's).   I took pics right before foiling and here is the best one.  I didn't think to take pics after pulling.  Smoker is Char Griller Duo w/SFB, flipped fire grate and extended chimney.  



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I also started my first butts with meoweys method. Tried & proven. Too bad you didn't get the money shot? Looks great though. Another thing you might try is Soflaquer's finishing sauce. It takes PP up another level!!

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Looks good for your first smoke, very nice color.thumb1.gif


Since your new we'll let the Qview slide this time, But consider yourself warned  police2.gif   LOL



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For your first butts they look great! Heck I still critique myself after 33 years. icon14.gif

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Great looking butts, nice color, good looking bark!   thumb1.gif

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Way good looking chow!!



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Thanks guys.  I'm really looking forward to the next smoke.  Oh, I forgot to mention that I spritzed with 3:1 apple juice and Bacardi gold every hour or so.  It just so happened that I had just enough Bacardi to make the mop.  Although, I was probably a little too stingy with the mop. (Only give it 2-4 spritzes per side.)  I will be more generous next time.  

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Awesome Butts

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The apple juice and Bacardi's give the butts a nice sheen. Bet you and the butcher will be on a first name basis by the end of the summer.

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