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MCO. morning. Soooo........the cuke cross is not something you think is worth putting a patent on huh.......

Maybe it was not ripe..........Let another one ripen (if there is one).......Maybe you will have a white cuk-lon that is really good......

Thanks for the update........Dave

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Well its been almost a month and here's an update


Its filled in pretty good





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Oops did it again and hit the submit button before I was donehit.gif




This is a watermelon that the vine attached itself to the fence, so I stuffed it into a pantyhose and tied it so it won;t brake off




here it is 3 days later and its down to the ground.



This is one watermelon and 1 cucumber plant its really spreading


My rat terrier in the shade of  a zuc squash plant



Lemon cucumber and a cherry tomato100_4616.JPG

the New Mexico Big Jim Peppers are coming along pretty good100_4611.JPG

Black Diamond watermelon and  and mortgage lifter tomato, the melon has a few small ones, but not seein much from the tomato,I think between the worm compost and the horse manure there is too much nitrogen and I'm just getting a lot of leaves


This cantaloupe seems to have stalled, I may transplant it into the garden


heirloom tomato's growing on my jap tomato ring, I just notice that fuzzy looking thing on the tomato, I hope its something growing and not a Caterpillar.ran out and checked, just a weed


This the Japanese tomato ring its 5' in dia and you put compost on the inside and water it in the middle then plant the tomatoes on the outside, only trouble is that weeds are growing in there and its hard to get to them


Banana plant, and  upside down tomato plant in the greenhouse100_4621.JPG

not much going on in the greenhouse now these are 2 stevias and and a peter pepper in the front100_4622.JPG

even with the shade cloth fans and a mister I.m still getting 100+ a couple of hours each day, I think the banana likes it



This weekend is the Albuquerque backyard gardens tour looks like I'm one of the stops, then next week end will be a potluck, sure hope they all arn;t vegetarians cause I'm doing pulled pork.

I've also been messing around trying to germinate some lemon and cherry seeds

Thanks for looking

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Looks great xrocker.gif

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here's a few I forgot



 my one lone peach actually we had 2 but I ate mine



 on top is a borrage on the left is basil, on the right is stevia and the bottom is habenero100_4626.JPG


Brewing worm tea



Yard long beans and green roma tomato



This is a self contained planter I've been getting tomato's from it for couple of weeks



Roma;s just about ready to pick



and lasy but least one of my wifes flower gardens

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Yes.  I have seen some strange creatures from cross pollination.  I have had people tell me it doesn't happen with some plants, but it really does.  Fortunately, it us usually still pretty good food.  LOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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Nice looking garden. icon14.gif

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Great looking garden mco, I'm so envious, 'bout the only thing that grows here are bananas and flowers, incidentally you might want to think about planting that banana tree in the ground, this is what we have and it all started from one plant about the size of yours.


Picture 013.jpg

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I wish I could plant the banana tree, but I'm afraid that the -6 degree winter would make short work of it, so I'll keep it potted and bring it the house once it starts getting cold.

Well the mystery plant has been unveiled, I think. I believe it is a tiger melon. I planted several and for got where they were. It smelled wonderful, and tasted kinda like a honey due, but not quite as sweet, but then again it was picked green and ripened on the ground.






my next project is to see if I can grow a lemon tree from seed

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Now that the heat has subsided a little, and were beginning to get a little rain, things are starting to take off, here are a few things I picked thix morning. Too bad they don't taste like smoked meat, I would probably eat more of them;


 Roma, Red brandywine and Yellow pare tomatoes, Purple flame grapes, Yard long beans, Green chillis,Lemon cucumber,Zuc and Yellow  squash.

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Just a little of what I picked out of the garden yesterday


Yellow  and zuc squash, tomatillos,brandy wine,Roma,mortgage lifter,yellow pear tomato's,green chili yellow hots, bell,, peppercino(sp) and habenjaro(sp) peppers,lemon cucumber and dried mint leaves

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Mine is all gone its to hot here...Yours looks real good...

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What a great looking garden.


I wish I had the space you have. We have 2 small gardens, 1 for herbs & 1 for veggies.


But like Roller said ours is done for the year.


We start planting again in late Sept.

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You would think things in garden would start to wind down, but because of the warm weather maybe it'll go another couple of month.The large water melon I had growing in a pair of pantie hose disappeared, some scoundrel swiped it 781.gifand it looks like a squirrel has taken up residence in the wood pile, and he's been taking bites out of the melons and maters.I waiting for him to show his head when my rat terrier is around.any  here's a couple of pics I took this morning.




The squirrel put a pretty good size hole in the melon. I thought it was a spaghetti squash till I cut it open, turns out to be a crenshaw, with out a doubt the sweetest melon I have ever tasted




in this picture you can see where the varmint has been chewing on this water melon.

I am saving seeds from all the melons I grow so far I have the tigeer, and crewnshaw and hopefully I will get yellow meat water melon and Piel De Sapo( Christmas or Santa Clause) melon soon.If anybody would like seeds for next year PM me.I won't sell any but if you have anything to trade that would be cool but not necessary.And I hope that in the next week or so I will be able to post pictures of my peter peppereek.gif

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Everything looks great!


Easterners eat your heart out.


Some of our stuff here lasts until the middle of November unless my brown thumb kills it first?  LOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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Picked a few maters, peppers,squash,onions shallots. lemon cucumber,eggplant and cavalaseito which is an immature pumpkin I roasted about a dozen of the New Mexico Green chillis. Looks like the season might last a little longer than usual, I have several melons on the vine that might just make it this yearbanana_smiley.gif

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I'm still picking quit a few maters,and peppers,lemon cucs are still happening and melons are getting ripe




This the Piel Del Sapo  sweet as honey





We cracked open the watermelon that the squirrel had been messing with. It is really sweet near the rind and has  kind of a cinnamon taste near the heart, My cousin from west Texas sent me seeds and I think he called it a black diamond yellow meated watermelon.Maybe somebody on here would reconize what it is. It has a smooth pale skin.

Thanks for lookingIMG_0150[1]

 Yellow meat watermelon this one is still growing



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Hi!!! Did you eve find out what kind a melons is this???? Somebody gave me one just like that, i might had cut it too early th_crybaby2.gifso i am no sure ....

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I just saw this or I would have peplyed earlier, and yes I did, it called a tigger melon,its in the cantalope family, smells wonderful but is very bland tasting

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Mco...know this is an old thread...Looks like your getting this gardening thing down...I only saw One thing that disturbed the FireFighter training in me.....I saw a pic of your hose hooked to your Mist Regulator and a Black Drop Cord closed in your door....Not only is that a Excellent way to get electrocuted, it will cause your cord to short out and BURN the WHOLE PLACE DOWN......this I learned first hand....ooopppsss...



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