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from my greenhouse to garden

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I didn't get my greenhouse till almost the end of April but have made good use of it.I intend to grow 3 varieties of tomatoes some herbs, a few different flowers,sweet potatoes and strawberry right threw the summer also I have a few Stevia plants growing.Outside I planted NM Big Jim and yellow bells,Tiger melon, cantalope,watermelon crenshaw mellonI also have grapes and a pomagrante that froze back and are just now starting come alive.I have also planted 5 different tomateos and different cumbers, lemon and armenian plus some stuff I forgot about I'm lucky that I have a nephew who is letting me use his stone yard where most of the melons are planted.I'll try and post a few pic.



 stevia plants in  GH the smaller one on the right is propagation from a cutting

sweet potatoe in GH

strawberrys in GH



Brandywine tomatoe


mortaguge Lifter tomateo planted next to a worm tower and out sie my Japanese tomateo ring

Tiger melon

Armenian cucumber

Piel Del Sapo spanish meleon


peppers squash tomatesos waiting for a place to go


strawberries  in 1/2 a wiskey barrel also have strawberries in the greenhouse


This taken  way too much time I'll try and post some better pic one I get it figgured out, Too bad this stuff dosent like ribs, I might eat some of it





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well dam all the pictures were there when I hit the submit button guess I need to try something else

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are you familiar with how to post pics?

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Well I thought I knew, before I would just go to photobucket and C&P the image code,now when I go there that option isn't available to me,begining to seem like I think I know more about this than I understand So how do I get images off of photo bucket? anyway I'll keep trying



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They have made it easier, the site will host your pics  look in the reply heading   about 3/4 of the way there is  a left arrow a right arrow a portrait and a film strip.  The portrait is what you want.


Start a reply, hit the return button a couple of times and then place your cursor where you want to place the pic.  Click on the portrait, when you scroll over it says  "insert image" and follow the directions.  Give it a try, if you need more help let us know



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OK thanks Al lets see if I can follow directions  lol


                                                                                                                       100_4494.jpgStevia (sugar plant from Paraguay



My 15 X 5 Lean to before I added the shade cloth              



Strawberries in 1/2 a whiskey barrell



Piel Del Sapo a Spanish melon      



more Strawberries these I will leave in the Greenhouse


This how I start my sweet potatoes


These are slips from the Sweet potatoe in the picture above, this will stay in the greenhouse


3 Romas in 1 pot these will stay in the Greenhouse100_4501.jpg

Pink Brandywine


Cherry tomatoe

I also have a mortgage lifter, yellow pare, red brandywine,beefstake and grape tomateos


some flowers Im growing for my wife and there's tomatoes and peppers in the flat in the back ground most of these will get planted pretty soon. I also have lemon cucumber,armenian cucumber which is actually a melon

I'm also attempting to graft a heirloom tomatoe  to a cherry tomatoe. I havent had any luck getting my peter peppers to germanate yet and its been about 20 days since I planted them.I'm pretty sure I left a bunch out,I'll try and post more pics once stuff gets going Thanks for looking



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You can load those pics right from your puter without having to use Photobucket. I want to see the pics sounds good. Do you have shade cloth over the greenhouse? What about a misting system to cool it down?


Here's a link to an article about how to post pics



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I figured out how to get them off photobucket ok ,but all the pic on my puter are of such high res, like 8mp it would take for ever.

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It will resize them before posting


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The greenhouse faces due east so it gets the morning and early afternoon sun, the hottest Ive recorded so far is 109 with out the shade cloth.I have portable swamp cooler, a humidifer,an exhaust fan, and a small osculating fan,and an inlet damper,all hoked up to a line voltage T'stat. Ive hooked up a drip watering system, that comes from my swamp cooler pump up on the roof.Once I figure out how to water proof all the electrical I'll get a mister going I also have a banana tree,a lemon tree and the beginning of a pineapple plant.100_4524.JPG100_4526.JPG100_4527.JPGelectrical pannel with T'stat and timer

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It looks good be sure to keep us updated on things

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I went out to the stone yard to check on things and water this morning, looks like I lost only 1 plant out of about 20, but the kids pulled up all the stakes so I'm not sure whats whatyahoo.gif


They missed my stick on this one It's a butter nut squash

I'll be covering the black and grey weed barrier with bark in a day or so. I'll repost pic in about a month


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I decided today to start propagation of my Stevia plants, Some were looking good and some were starting to get pretty leggy, one that was setting on the shelf almost touching the glass is looking really strong,the one that was on the N side and the one under the shelf were getting really leggy and the one planted in the worm bin seems to be stalled, its in the shade most of the day. So I'm drawing the conclusion that these things like hot sun and lots of water. I cut the tops off of 3 of the plants on 4/20 and replanted the cuttings, they are doing good but slow growers. I'll try and post pic.


These are 2 of cuttings I transplanted,I used a rooting compound on 9 of the transplants and on the other 3 I just planted as is.



This has been in the worm bin for at least a month and a half. I don't see any new growth so I'm not sure if its lack of sun or too rich of soil


I cut this one back on 4/26 hoping it would cause the plant to get bushy, but it got pretty leggy, this is on the ground, so I'm moving it to an upper shelf, where it'll get more sun, also I cut it back today and transplanted the cuttings.


This was on the N side of the greenhouse where the temps were a little cooler,so I've moved it to the front of the house where it will get the afternoon sun, I'll see how that works out, also I cut it back and transplanted the cuttings.



These 2 on either side of the sweet potato were planted from cutting on 4/26 really slow growing, but the sweet potato is going good, look at all the roots.100_4561.JPG

These are 12 of my transplants the 6 on the right I used a rooting compound, so we'll see if it really works



I was planning on growing this cantaloupes in the greenhouse, but I need to pollante by hand, and it looks to me like all the flowers are male so I may not know what I'm looking for, cause I cant see a difference in any of the blooms, Maybe somebody can clue me in on what to look for, I thought there would be a small fruit behind the female flower, like on a squash.Hopefully the bugs will pollinate it for me.but with all the smoke we are getting I haven't seen anything but 1 lonely bumble bee.




Hopefully these will attract a few bees if there are any left

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I'll try and post some updated pictures, it's really been a challenge this year to grow anything here in the high desert, we are seeing record high temps, and over 200 days since the last rain, Dang I just looked up at the TV and its showing the 2011 women's volleyball championships,I sure like the uniforms.Any back to garden, I get distracted easily.



I've got a solenoid from a sprinkler and hooked a hose to one end and a mister to the other, so it comes on when the T;stat brings the fans on.




Strawberry's seemed to have stalled,and  in the background is a grapevine that's growing about 6" a day, it froze this past winter, got 6 below, thought for sure it was goner .



In this pic is a Russian sage,a red yucca and a pomegranate all which froze back.So I guess a hard freeze is good for some plants.




This is an experiment in progress,I've planted a Black Diamond watermelon,mortgage lifter tomato and a Stevie plant, the stevia didn't make it.What your looking at is my worm bin, there is no soil in it,Its all horse manure shredded news paper and decomposed kitchen waste.The 2 white PVC pipes are worm towers and I feed the worms through them,and the wire is to keep the dog from digging in there, and the birds don't like to walk on it.




Lemon cucumber and a cherry tomato



 2 tomatoes and a cantaloupe growing in containers its hard to see but there are some green tomatoes in there



Pink Brandy wine,and Roma tomato growing on my Japanese tomato ring



Big Jim peppers







Still have a few things in the green house, at the back is a banana tree ,in front of that is an upside down tomato plant hanging from the ceiling, one comming out the bottom and one out the top,on the ground in the black bucket is an heirloom tomato, its about 4' tall and in bloom, tomato's aren't supposed to like being wet all the time but these seem to be doing good, also on the ground in the tan container is a sweet potato plant.


Squash and melon plants at my garden in the stone yard also a row of tomatoes

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hit the wrong button and it got submitted before I got through, here are a few more pictures at the stone yard


Watermelon and cucumber?


Butternut squash?


cucumbers squash watermelon,crenshaw, tomato, things are starting to spread out pretty good

I'll post again next month, should have a better idea of whats what by then,Thanks for looking



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Looks like you'll have plenty of homegrown produce this summer.

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A couple of days ago I noticed something ate the side out of a green tomato, thought it might be a bird, lots of doves hanging out here. This morning as I was looking at it again I went to feel a small green tomato, and it felt mushy and started to move, I swear it looked just like a small green tomato the way it was wrapped up.




ugly looking thing, i laid him out flagstone figguring he would cook,but a bird came down made quick work of him, it was probably 3" long and as big around as my finger.

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Lookin' good....take more pics and stuff grows....too bad we couldn't see what the green worm thing turned into....Dave

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Last night my wife decides she wants cook cavalacetas, I guess you would call it New Mexican soul food, a mixture of corn,immature pumpkin (thats the cavalacetas) green chille and sausage. We go out to the garden and locate what she thinks is a pumpkin, me I'm not so sure. Any way we pick it bring it home and cut it open, any guesses as to what it is? LOL




So I cut it open and no doubt it's some type of melon, smells like a cucumber but is very bitter, there are several of them on the vine so eventually we'll figure out what it is.

If you want to see the plant its in one of the previous posts,its the broad leaf plant near the water faucet,ther is also a watermelon plant growing along side of it.




I have several types of melons and cucumbers planted but the kids pulled up all the markers.

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Well I may have solved the mystery of what that melon is, I took pictures of it to the local farmers market, and most agree that its some type of cucumber that got cross pollanated by the water melon plant, now if that don't beat all.cheers.gif

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