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First "real" post. Smoked Chicken with qView

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Here is my first real post. Pictures included this time as I was told "without pictures it didn't happen".


Please forgive me if I post the pictures wrong of violate a rule, just let me know so I won't do it again.



So on this past Saturday I smoked a couple chickens.  I always do 2, since I figure if I'm firing the smoker up, I may as well plan ahead and do extra.


Friday afternoon I cleaned and prepped the birds. A little olive oil and some dry rub that I like for chicken.


Here they are snuggled up together ready to rest for the night:




On Saturday after firing up the smoker to let it preheat I got them ready to go.  I use can can stands, filled with lemonade.  I like the sweet flavor the lemon gives, and figure why waste the beer when I could be drinking it.  




The birds went on @ 9:30 with smoker set to 225 deg.  Misted them about every hour with more lemonade.

This picture is at about 170 deg IT.




I pulled them off at 185 deg IT @ 18:15. 8 3/4 hrs of smokey goodness (as my wife calls it), and had to keep from tearing right into them.




I let them rest for about 30 minutes, then dinner was served!!




When I made the first cut, juice came flowing out and down the skin.




Thanks for viewing, and again, please "gently" tell me if I did anything wrong on the post.



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I think your first Q-view was a great success. The chickens look delicious!   thumb1.gif

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Just awesome. You did evrything perfect from the smoke to the qview!!  Great job & great color on them birds

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This is a great bird good color and it looks moist..

well done

thanks for the Qview

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Your Qview was excellent, great pics and tutorial.

The lemonade sounds great, I was drinking a glass of it as i found your post and it was like tast-o-vision!

I could taste the lemonade and lookin at your birds, i could allmost smell the smoke  drool.gif

What a great idea Talan,

Thanks for sharing  points.gif

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Looks delicious!!



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Nothing but perfection. I like the lemonade idea. icon14.gif

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the birds look great but you did break one serious rule

as a newbie you need to send me one of those birds for a tatse test!

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You did an excellent job on the post. The chickens look great and sounds like they tasted great too. I have never gone 8 hours with chicken but I cook at 250

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Wow!...Lemonade chickens! Good job! yahoo.gif
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