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I'm just curious if we have any chance of getting hudler to fix the forum so that tapatalk will recognize the new post since the last visit. I know I can subscribe to threads but that's a pain in my tail. I know that it isn't tapatalk since the other boards I post on come right up with the first screen that loads as either current post or new since the last visit.

I know it sounds petty, but I did spend a couple precious dollars on the app and now I can't even use it here. My other site works on forumrunner also so yes I did buy tapatalk so that I could easily post here from my phone.

Sorry for the rant but maybe we can make some progress in this department.


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Wow, not even one post... am I just being a cry baby?

Maybe I need to ask how everyone else looks at the site from there phones. Do you all open every category and then check each post?.

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I havent used Tapatalk too much. But I know that was a pain. I do not know what the timeline is to get more functions on it.  ill see what i can find out.

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Thanks Brian, I can come to the site via the net but I have to reside every window and that's a drag. I was sure hoping that I could view it Thu tapatalk. Then all I would.have to do would be to make the one click and I could see all the new post. No matter where I posted from the last time.

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I am trying to create a new thread and trying to read pms with iPhone and tapatalk. Am I missing something obvious or are those capabilities not availabe?

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Al, its not you or your phone, its the site. I use tap a talk as well as forum runner on other sites. No problems. But here the only thing I can do is reply and subscribe to threads.

It really sucks bad since I miss a lot of stuff do to the fact that if I enter the site from my phone, I have to open each and every thread to check and see what's new.

The only reason I am here today is cause its raining along with the fact that I can get to this post easy to check the updates.

I can't even look at PM's from here.

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Ok, you have the same problems I have when away from my home computer so I guess it's pretty limited at this point.  Hope we can get full capability on the iPhone so I can participate in the forum while at the farm.



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I sure hope so as well. 


I actually like the platform of the forum runner app better then the tap-a-talk but either would work. 


And all I really really want to see is the ability to click recent post or new post since last visit. From the checking around that I have done, its not the app. But rather the inerds of the platform we are using. 



Now I do realize that when Jeff brought this topic up, that he did warn us that it was a new and growing deal, that the site wasn't quite ready for it yet.

I really do understand that, but it would be nice to see a little bit of change every now and then to keep our hopes up.

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It would be great to be able to search for topics on taptalk as well, or is there something I'm missing?
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