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Where is everyone? - Page 3

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Thanks Mdboatbum...Naples Fl. in the house!

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go Hoosiers!!  yahoo.gif

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Thanks it is a great idea im in

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thumb1.gif cool

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Heh, heh, heh, this is cool, I'm in, it's an old pic, but now y'all can see I'm in the hood, ...no white sand beaches, coconut trees or blue lagoon.



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When you first bring it up genes just treading water out in the ocean.I never seen a hood that has pools in their backyard.biggrin.gif

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Morning Michael,


Puts a whole new meaning on, "everybody into the pool!"   biggrin.gif


Have a good day,



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Bump for all you that haven't seen this.yahoo.gifCan we make this a wiki.

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Good bump, I'm on there now.  This should definitely be a sticky under community or somewhere.

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Just added myself - looks like Gene and I are going for lobster!

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I'm on the map!

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That is pretty neat!  So far I am the only one north of the border........kind of lonely up here..............LOL

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Great idea! Marked in Delaware. Seven miles from Ocean City, Maryland. 

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Originally Posted by jalan43 View Post

Great idea! Marked in Delaware. Seven miles from Ocean City, Maryland. 

Wasn't "Carrie" of horror movie fame supposedly from Ocean view?

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Originally Posted by JIRodriguez View Post

You have to pan up and down on the map using the arrow buttons in the upper left corner to see the entire form to be filled out, scroll up to put in your screen name and what not, then scroll back down to see the "place" button.

 Never did see a forum to fill out but it would tell me I needed a name, so I just blankly typed it. Wanted a saying, so I typed it. It took it all. Seems to work.


 Is that a Google Map? Would love a link to that site.

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If you feel comfortable you can join the rest of us here.http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/107133/where-is-everyone

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On the map in the great state of Missouri. Home of the World Champion St louis Cardinals!  

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Cool!! 71smokers and counting. If you click on "satellite" in the upper right it gets rid of all the info on the map, making it easier to see the markers.

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