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1st brisket on my own.....Qview

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So I did some ribs last Sunday on the new Lang 36 patio model, and they came out great. So this weekend I wanted to do a brisket for Memorial Day. The brisket was a whole packer coming in at 11.5 pounds. It is the first brisket I've cooked on my own and it wasn't too bad but it had plenty of room for improvement. The taste was great and the meat was tender with a good pull, but I wanted a crispier bark. Enjoy the pics!!IMG_4857.JPG Just before I wrapped her....IMG_4859.JPG

IMG_4860.JPGAlso smoked some bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with jalapeno and cream cheese.

IMG_4864.JPGSssssshhhhhhhhh.....she's sleeping. After another hour wrapped and in the smoker, I put her in the cooler to rest.

IMG_4867.JPGReady to cut

IMG_4869.JPGIMG_4870.JPGIMG_4872.JPGAlso made a homemade sauceIMG_4873.JPG

Any tips or suggestions for that crispy, thicker bark would be helpful. Thanks for checking out my progress.

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Great looking first brisky! Great smoke ring too! Good money shot!
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Your brisket looks delicious!   icon14.gif   The easiest way to get more bark is not to foil.

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It looks great you. are in the money.

what is in the sauce? 

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Here is the recipe for the sauce    I used Sheiner Black Lager as the beer and skipped the steak sauce

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WOW! What a great looking brisket!!  The bark looks perfect to me, perhaps I need to do a taste test for you...  The corn and chicken are super looking, too. Did you do a post on how you did the chicken?  Awesome job, thanks for sharing it!  Cheers!

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1st one on your own???


It looks absolutely Perfect !!!!


Bark looks decent from here!  Al's probably right on how to get more bark.




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Looks awesome! Nice ring. I agree with barb, did you post those bacon wrapped chicks?

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Awesome brisky, love the smoke ring.

I'm a Lang-lover myself, and everything i can throw in it comes out great.

Thanks for sharing,and

Congrats on the carousel  beercheer.gif

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I have cooked three brisky's and none of them turned out that well.  Color me green.  Glad it turned out. How bout more info from the smoke, time-temp-wood/flavor, when did you foil...those types.


Great smoke friend! Great smoke.



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Great looking Brisket...

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Man how did you get such good looking bark, I have made 2 so far and I can't get close to something like that.

Looks awesome!

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Nice smoke ring!   feedme.gif

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great job .... way to go... getting kinda hungry !!!!!!!!!  drool.gif


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Awesome brisky!  Got to put that on the to-do list myself!


Thanks for sharing!

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Nice job for a 1st time brisket! One day I will save enough to own a lucky dog!
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Nice looking brisket....icon14.gif

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Well done!  That is a nice looking brisket.As for crispy bark -- the suggestion not to foil is probably right on target.  Test it out -- you may find it a bit drier, but maybe you will like the results.  Never know until you try.


Keep up the good smokes!

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