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1st Fatty TodayDSC01158.JPG

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I wanted to try one of these the first time I saw one, just got around to it today.  Good thing the better half was around to help or it probably would have looked like the porkloin wrap I did awhile back, came out ok but was just plumb ugly.


Wanted to keep the first one pretty simple.






Sausage, eggs, cheese and taters.  We had a hard time getting the first roll in, I think we added too much stuff and when we went to roll it up we had a hard time getting the sausage ends to overlap.  Lesson learned for next time.




Sue did a great job on the weave, I was struggling again until she stepped in to help.




All wrapped up ready to go. 




Used the AMNS with Apple Dust only.




On the grate ready to put in the MES 30.  Set the MES at 230 deg, filled water pan for a heat sink and covered it up tight with tinfoil, the MES stayed within 5 deg from setpoint for the whole time.






The AMNS is a tight fit in the 30 but works great.




Sue wanted some mushrooms, I fired up the grill just as the Fatty was getting done.




After the mushrooms came off put the fatty on the grill to get a little more finish to the bacon.






Here is the spread for the evening. 




Money Shot




BearView of course.




Simple but great.




Neither of us ate one of these before but they are high on the list for repeats.

Thanks for looking, Gary


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Mission accomplished, thanks for the Qview. icon14.gif

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Great job for your first run! The fattie really looks delicious   icon14.gif

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Great looking chow!!


  Have a great day!!



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Lookin good. There will be more to come I'm sure.

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Looking Good
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