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Originally Posted by SupercenterChef View Post

looks great!...I don't suppose there's a conversion for rapid rise yeast?

Hey Chef, Active Dry and Rapid Rise Yeast can be swapt one for one. The only difference is Rapid Rise is encapsulated with Ascorbic Acid and does not need to be dissolved in water. Simply follow the recipe BUT add the Rapid Rise directly to SEVEN CUPS of the Flour and give it a stir then just add the Liquid ingredients and mix to form an Elastic Dough adding the LAST CUP of Flour as needed... Now the FUN part!...Because Rapid Rise contains more viable Yeast by weight than active dry and the way it's formulated...There is NO NEED TO PROOF THE 1 1/2 HOURS...Shape your rolls...Pan them...Let them double, still about 45 minutes...Then Bake them off!... Pretty COOL!...JJ

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Great tips Chef, thanks!  I knew I'd change the recipe some...but didn't know the details.  Now maybe I can quit stocking both kinds of yeast--I'll try these tips on my other recipes and let you know how they turn out!

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Originally Posted by ironskillet View Post

Hey Raptor, I just loved the rolls.  They really are perfect, light yet has good body.  Someone else said consider these stolen.. well consider it again.  These are my new favs. Mine were too big, but next time Ill make smaller ones.  Heres a couple of pics.  The reason I looked for a roll recipe is that I want to cook my whole Thanksgiving dinner in the DOs. These are perfect for thanksgiving dinner.  I saved half the dough in frig and will make cinnamon rolls with it in the morning.  I do believe this is the perfect dough for them too.  Thanks for sharing. Debra






dinner.JPG   100_7811.JPG

Glad you liked them Debra, It looks like your DO gave them that extra something they were missing.

They look Fantastic!icon_eek.gif


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Originally Posted by AlaskanBear View Post

Thanks Raptor, used your recipe and loved the results!!














Thanks for looking,



Glad you enjoyed them Rich, This is a great yeast roll recipe.

It takes a little time and effort but the results are worth it biggrin.gif


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Alelover..  Sorry about not gettin back to you quicker, been off of the keyboard a while.

  I am right down the road from U. Salisbury nc, just off I 85..same exit and within sight of walmart.maybe we can smoke some butt together some time..  Hemi36.gif

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I'm down at the end of Irish Potato on 73.

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Can't believe I forgot about these!...Thanks Giving...Fresh Rolls will abound....JJ

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Can't believe I forgot about these!...Thanksgiving...Fresh Rolls will abound....JJ    In moderation!

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A definite yes for TG Day!

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I always proof my yeast. I like to know that it is still alive and well. Heat kills yeast and when it is shipped and stored you never know what temp it has gone threw. I would hate to know that I was putting dead yeast in my other ingredence...but that is just me...

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Those look great!  Stolen again.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Just had to do some sour dough bread.  Have had starter for over 5 years now and thought that you all might enjoy a pic.






The little darkish specs are fresh sweet basil, as these two loaves are of an Italian Nature... Also there is Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese within bread.

IT WAS SO GOOOD!!!!!!!  Light fluffy and airy..



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Wow Rich, that's very nice.

I want to do some sour dough but I have to get my starter going first.


Yours looks so good I can almost smell it! 

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