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My first brisket

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  I finally decided it was time to try a brisket! I got a 6.6 pounder from Sams. Didn't want to start too big. After reading many articles on SMF, I trimmed off most of the fat and rubbed with Jeff's Rib Rub, wrapped in plastic and put it in the fridge over night. Got it out Friday 5-27-11 and put it in the smoker. I use a Cajun Injector Electric Smoker which has been great for me so far, at 230 degrees. Smoked with hickory and apple wood chips for 8 hours to get to 165 degrees. Pulled it out and wrapped in foil, put in oven for an hour to get to 195 degrees, then turned off the oven. Let it sit for 2 hours to get down to 180 degrees, then sliced. No before pics but here are the money shots. No discernable smoke ring because I didn't keep the smoke heavy enough. (Time to invest in an A-maz-n smoker!first brisket 002.jpgfirst brisket 004.jpgfirst brisket 006.jpgfirst brisket 007.jpgfirst brisket 003.jpg

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Looks really great!  Nice money shot, too!

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Looks delicious!   icon14.gif

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It looks greatthumbsup.gif

thanks for the Qview

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Looks wonderful. So nice and juicy.

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  Thanks for the kind words. It did stay very juicy.





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