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I just ordered my 3405BGW..And was wondering about the diffrent mods people were doing..Like smoker box,drip pans,etc

This is my first smoker and I'm very excited

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Hello jefrox, welcome to SMF.


I have a heavily modified GOSM Big Block, but you might not need to do anything to yours, I would suggest that you season yours and then smoke something in it, then you will see if any mods are needed, the first thing that comes to mind is filling any holes you might have with some silicon gasket sealer, next might be to add a needle valve if you can't maintain the lower temps if you want to smoke sausage or bacon.


You might try searching for GOSM Mods here so see what other members have done with theirs.


May I suggest you go to Roll Call and introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your rig, experience and where you're located so that the others members can give you a hearty SMF welcome.



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