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new to propane need help making a decision

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I have been using an old school offset fire box texas style smoker for a few years now but i have just had a baby and already have a three year old so the days of sitting tending coals next to a firebox hanging with my old pal jack are going to have to go by the wayside..... anyways i have been looking at the camp chef smoke vault and the masterbuilt xl (id think the larger size would make ribs and briskets a bit better) anywhoo im at a loss on which way to go. I have no problems paying a little extra if im getting something for it and the only thing im really scared of is having one i cant keep cool enough. anyways if anyone has any suggestions or comments it would be swell. Also i have been thinking that using a vertical cab style smoke box id be able to take a stab at some sausage if the lp smokers are capable. Im tempted by the electrics but am worried that when its a snowing id have a hard time getting the temps high enough and the larger output of the propanes would be able to power thru a blizzard. once again thanks for any help anyone could give.




BTW nice to meet ya all 

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How cool do you need to go? If I remember correctly, my Masterbuilt has a hard time putting out good smoke much lower than 180. If I need any lower, i use my Amazn smoker, which is pretty much a must have, not to mention it opens a whole new door to the world of cold smoking.

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Honestly??? Im not sure but I am interested in doing some sausage this summer. I keep seeing the amazn smoke talked about over and over so im sure that will require an.investment sooner or later. Anyways good to know it'll make it down to the 200 mark. Just pulled the trigger on one and can't wait to give it a go.
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