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Thanks africanmeat

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I've always done a brine with my turkeys, but only for the sole reason it is how my mom did it, and i never had a turkey quite like hers (granted i might be able to top her now).  I think if you have time to brine, you might as well, it wont hurt any

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Al, it's been some time ago that I gave you a recipe for a BBQ chicken sauce that you sop on while slow roasting chicken, did you try it yet?


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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

If I have the time I always brine, if not I inject.

Al, some time ago I gave you a recipe for a BBQ sauce for chicken that you sop on while slow roasting chicken on the grill, did you try it yet?


Talking about brine, of all places I bought a package from LOWE'S that was a kit to brine a turkey. The kit even contained a giant plastic bag large enough for the brine solution and the turkey, after following the directions I roasted our turkey at 300 until done. It was just the best turkey I have eaten, so moist, it was my first experience with a brine solution.



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Just curious about the difference between putting beer in the brine itself vs. only using the beer in the can while smoking. Has anyone tried both and have some advice for a first time smoker?

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