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smoking belly frozen?

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This may be a dumb  question, but since keeping the temp down during a cold smoke is an issue, it seems logical to me that the colder the belly is going in, the easier it would be to keep temps down.  


So, will a frozen belly take on smoke flavoring?  Or would the frozen moisture be too solid to allow the smoke to penetrate?

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To cold smoke the meat has to be dry.  frozen bellies would not be dry.  Try keeping it above about 50 degrees and below 110 (90 would be better) for good cold smoking.  The fat begins to render just about 110. 

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Al + 1

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Other guys are correct. You need that pellicle to take on smoke which means dry. If you want something frozen in there to help cool temps others have done good with ice. Put some in the drip tray over the heat source.

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