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Pork Shoulder

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Heck of a dilema. This shoulder was too big for my brinkman so the big boy gets it. I almost hate firing it up just for that because of the amount of fuel it goes thru but I'm not going to learn anything by just letting it sit in the yard.



My Maverick and A-Maze-N smoker arrived yesterday. Couldn't have come at a better time! (thanx Todd)

There seems to be some difference in temps.



Will have to watch it and see how it goes. More later!



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Go find other stuff to fill it up , abt's fatties etc

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When I fire up the big one I usually fill 'er up with a bunch of stuff.  Like you, I don't want to let good BTU's and smoke go wanting, and I like to keep momma happy with all sorts of pre-prepared food for the upcoming week!  We all know that if momma's happy, EVERYONE's happy!  thumb1.gif

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