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Any last suggestions?

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SO! The chicken (6.5lbs) is in the brine.


The mesquite wood chips are soaking in water.


After 8 hours...I am going to spatchcock the bird.


Then I am going to rub 'er down with Jerk seasoning (under and on the skin).


Last, I am going to cover 'er up with strips of bacon.


I am going to light up some coals...get the heat to 225-240...add wood.


I am going to place the bird breast side down and insert meat therm.


Once the heat reaches 165...time to eat :)


Any suggestions? Time...heat...etc? Thanks everyone!



Ontario, Canada

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I am curious about the bacon - why use it?

I would go breast side up, bone side down since you are spatchcocking the bird.

I loke cooking my chicken a little hotter as to let the skin crisp up - hate rubbery chicken skin.

Good luck, have fun!

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I saw someone use bacon in a video as a means of maintaining moisture through pork fat...


For me...I guess the idea was appealing because a) I love bacon and b) I love bacon :)


I hate rubbery skin too...what temp should I aim for to help with the skin? Thanks Ellymae!

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I am with you on the bacon front!

I usually cook chicken in the 275 - 325 degree range. Since you are spatchcocking you can put bacon on one side and none on the other and see what you like best.

I have never brined a chicken but it's my understanding that the brine will help greatly in keeping your chicken moist. What kind of cooker you using?

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I can aim for 275 ~ sure!


I'm using a Char-Griller w/ SFB.

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OK - so your firebox side will be hotter then the other so keep an eye on your chicken and turn is necessary. Have fun!

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I'd say run with your plan and make adjustments on the fly as you go.


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I have turned over the charcoal tray to act as a baffle.


I added a dryver vent duct and brought to grate level.


I also drilled and added two temp guages at grill level.


Hopefully, I can keep the temps level at each end!!

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Hey Al,


I posted my QView in a separate thread. 





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