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Quick Brisket & Pork Butt Question

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Getting stuff onto the WSM for a BBQ tomorrow. I have the brisket on a rack in an aluminum pan (to catch the wonderful juices) on the lower rack, and have 2 pork butts to go on the top. They are both rubbed with the same rub.


Should I try to get them into an aluminum pan as well, or is it better to let the drippings fall onto the brisket? Is this ill advised? Has anyone done this? I have the pans if needed, just thought I would ask.


The Brisket is on now, and the Pork goes on in an hour or two.


Any help would be appreciated.




P.S. Yes, there will be Q-View forthcoming!



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Assuming your doing a long, slow smoke, feel free to let them drip away.  Sometimes I'll sling bacon over the top of a brisky if there is little or no fat cap on it.  Won't hurt a thing -- just remember though, that brisket won't be kosher after that smoke!!!  police2.gif

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Long and slow, figuring about 15+ hours give or take for the stalls.

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I always figure 2 hours per pound including the rest period, to be on the safe side. If it gets done early, just keep in foil wrapped in towels & in a dry cooler. It will stay hot for hours.

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If I am doing both I always go butts over brisket. Yum!!!

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