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Enhanced pork shoulder. What should I expect?

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Wife again bought some meat that was not perfect for smoking but it was cheap so we are running it now.  I decided since it was already pierced from the brining to go ahead and inject with apple juice as well.  Guess we will see if that does anything.  Just curious if this enhancement will totally change the flavor?  I did not use any other salts in my rub or marinade.  Only other time this happened was with a corned brisket and it totally sucked.  Hope this will not be another dud...

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Hmm, I wonder? I've done ribs that were enhanced and they were WAY too salty. Maybe it won't be as bad on a larger cut and perhaps the AJ injection will gentle it down a bit. I really want to hear how this turns out for you Viper, keep us posted.


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I am curious what else you might use this cut for where the enhancement would NOT be an issue? 

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Did the label mention what's in the enhancement? It might be more phosphate then salt which will make for a nice moist end product. I would also like to hear what your thoughts are after it's done.


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The only thing I ever use a butt for is pulled or sliced barbecue. I guess if you used it in a recipe with many other ingredients the salt wouldn't be as much of an issue, like pulled pork tacos etc. What were your plans for the finished product?

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Well, moisture was not an issue at all but rarely is with butts.  Fell apart as usual.  BUT, there is just some flavor that is a little off.  My rub should be dead on and such but every since I started using this electric smoker, I just have not been happy with the flavors.  I am not sure what it is yet.  Hate to say it but they are just coming out "oven baked" tasting rather than smoky with aggressive flavors. 


Has anyone else experienced similar issues with an electric smoker?  I need to figure it out either way. 

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