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Lemon Thyme Pork Loin Q view

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Here is today's event.




First you want to get some thyme, garlic, kosher salt, pepper, and a lemon.  Zest the lemon or as I call it get some lemon peel strips.  Take all of this and throw in a food processor.  You can strip the thyme or do what I do and just grind it all up then pick out some stems.  Run it pretty good in the processor until it is like a paste then do it again.




You can see there are some thyme stems in here.  I pick the big ones out and use the rest because it gives flavor.  Next get your loin out and rub it down with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I like a loin that has a good layer of fat on top and then I take a knife and slice the fat without going through to the meat because it helps the rubs penetrate the fat.  Once you rub it with the oil and vinegar go ahead and rub with the lemon thyme paste.




Now you can throw this dude in the smoker now or do what I did and roll it in some wax paper and put it in the fridge for a bit so the rubs can add more flavor.




I am going to smoke it with some hickory chips at about 200 until it hits 155-160 internal then let it sit about 10-20 minutes before cutting it.  I will show you the final when it is done in a few hours.



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I would take it out at 145. It will be much juicier, that's the new low temp from the USDA for safe eating of pork.

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I generally take my stuff off a little early but I don't want to suggest that anyone else does it because it would be my luck that someone get sick.  I am glad they dropped that down because my wife is a fanatic about making sure stuff is overdone!  I have it smoking now with corn on the cob and some sweet potato's.  You have to try the smoked sweet potato if you have not done that yet because they are amazing.  Thanks Al you are a great help on SMF.  This one is for you cheers.gif

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Almost done with everything.  The taters are not quite done yet but the pork is doing just fine.  I have to quit snacking on it.  I took it out when it was 150 internal.  Here it is.




The juice is awesome with a strong lemon flavor.  It has the perfect hickory smoke to accompany it as well.  I will post pics of the corn and taters when I get them off. 

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NIICE!!! Thanks for sharing the herb paste trick, sounds great!  and I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who lets a few stems get into the mix. Looks super tasty!

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