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Third time's a charm

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So I was planning on trying chickens today but I had a request from family, who also purchased the two 3.5lb butts, for pork.  Here they are after a rub and a nap in the fridge.


Figured Id give them 8 hours on the sidecar and hopefully hit my temp, if not Ill have the oven ready at my uncles house to finish them off.



Temp gauge on my cheapo smoker decided it was going to quit after only 24 hours of actual smoke time ( three uses ) punched a hole and I borrowed my weber gauge.



I wanted to try some pics, I cant figure out how to make them bigger, but more to come...hope everyone has a great weekend.


Go Bruins!




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8 hours is on the short side of cook times for those butts, unless your cook temps are significantly higher than 225*. Also depends on whether you plan to slice or pull. If slicing, you can stop quite a ways before hitting the pull temps of 200-205*.

Should be a great meal! Don't forget the final Q view with the money shot!
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Like James says don't forget the Q-view!

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Almost eight hours...IT 192...thanks for the advice.  Luckily I've been averaging 245.  When I try to stay low near 225 the temperature often falls back to 180. I find it easier with the small sidecar I have to keep her roaring at 240-250.  The first 5 hours the butts sat in a pan with the juices, which are now in the fridge, and I'm trying to get a nice bark on the bottoms for the home stretch.


also Q view = pictures?



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8.5 hours...201...beautiful



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SHWEEEETTTTTTT!!!!!  Man that is gonna be some great tasting Q!  Nice job!  Congrats!  Looks-Great.gif

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Pork came out Great!



Also I tried the west carolina sauce posted by Reardenreturns... got rave reviews from the family... good stuff...  Big thanks to him and everyone else who shouted out.



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Looks delicious!!



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good looking pork!

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