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First Stufz

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Bought the stufz gizmo.  it seemed a little clunky to me but ultimately it got the job done and the burgers were really great. 




a little lawrys




Some Onions sauted in butter



Add Cheese



and bacon




Makes some big burgers



after an hour on the smoker




Sorry but i ate the money shot.  it was great.  i have 2 that we will reheat tomorrow and i promise to the a shot that shows it's guts hanging out. 






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Looks great...

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It's a Juicy Lucy press maker thingamajig!!!!!  Looks great!!!  Alton Brown would declare that a uni-tasker and ban it from his kitchen!!!

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man..the burgers look good...but HOLY CRAP....I love your countertops....what kinda marble is that?  I love it man. drool.gif

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Great lookin Stufz!drool.gif

Thanks for sharin' thumb1.gif

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They look great I make a bunch at a time & freeze them individually. You just can't beat those stufz burgers. If you have trouble with the meat sticking to the plastic we put saran wrap under & on top of the meat & it pops right out.


2-18-11 4.JPG



2-18-11 5.JPG

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great idea al.  i wondered about something like that.  i asked my wife if she thought it would help to coat it in olive oil or something.  i will try saran wrap.  i also think it would have been helpful to get guidance on how many ozs of meat to put in the bottom vs top.  i had some that were too thin on the bottom and some where i had to get more meat and build the sides up because they were not tall enough.  because the thing is kind of flimsy you can literally squeeze most of the meat out from under the piston when you push down hard enough to make the sides come up.  i think i would by the machined aluminum version if they made it :)


anyway, they were really good.  thanks for the idea.



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They look yummy

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