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Ok guys... Here's where I am.

Al: I didn't foil as I was afraid it would shorten the cook time by too much. I respect your advice but this time I just had to go with my gut. Next time, I foil! :)

Grate 212
Meat 180

Grate 190
Meat 181
Stoked the coals and left them at 212.

Grate 187
Meat 187

So, I decided to pull.

I split the point thinking I would do burnt ends, but decided against them as I didn't trust how the flat was looking. It seems a bit dry, but I didn't slice the whole thing yet.


Both are now resting (foil, towels, cooler). I'll be slicing at around 1.

So the smoke started at 5pm, pulled at 7:30am for resting. That's 14.5 hours at low heat.

It'll rest for 6 hours - is that too long?

Something tells me I'll be pulling this brisket, not slicing it.

Back to bed for a nap :)
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How'd ya make out? Moisture issues with the flat? Just curious, as you mentioned it looked a bit dry when you yanked it out to seperate and foil. Sometimes the first look can be decieving, as I've had more than my share look dry until after a rest...put a freshly straightened carving knife into it, and get a welcome surprise...never know 'til the moment of truth comes.


Temps will usually determine wether you'll slice or pull when smoking a brisket. If it's too high internal temp, slicing can be sheer torture...thicker slices will hold together more easily than thin. Anyway, I've found that around 190-195* is close to the breaking point for sliced. 185* is pushing it a bit, but very tender. 180* is a slightly firmer slice, not quite as tender, but still very good eating. Overall, 180* is probably the best for ease of slicing and tenderness. 200* & up is definitely pulling temps...even @ 195*, you can pull it sometimes.


Sliced, pulled, or some of each, either way, I'm sure it was worth the wait.



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So Eric, pulling wasn't in the cards, thankfully. I was familiar with the temps you mentioned about slicing vs foiling, but heard stories about resting too long in foil and having to pull something you planned on slicing. Ahhh, the Internet :)

As for this brisket - the point was great! Tasty, pretty juicy and sliced well.

The flat, on the other hand, was like a brick. I didn't even serve it.




Some finishing observations:
- I had a tough time with keeping temp up.
- The brisket was a "select".
- Holding time was long.
- the flat was great.
- I must have way overcooked the flat as it was dry and tough.
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The point looks great ,great slicing .i will slice the flat and steam it before eating it it will soften it.bravo.png

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I've never seen a flat that looked so dry before, foiling would have helped keep it moist. The point looks delicious!

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