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I could sure use some help as well, same Subject Line.  I am smoking a 5.5lb brisket right now.  It's my first time using a gas smoker and I'm able to keep the heat steady, between 200-225 no problem.  However, I can't get any smoke.  I started with the wood-chip box filled with water-soaked wood chips for about an hour, and then dumped out the charred chips and switched to dry wood chips, but still no smoke.  suggestions?


You do not want white billowing smoke. If you can smell wood burning, your're smoking./


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Results -- a success! Had 6 people here who never had brisket before.  They were impressed!  So was I...  this stuff is darn good!  Very tender, tasty, all that.  Thanks all for your advice and help.  Here's some Qview of course:






Also tossing in a pic of something my wife made, carved out a pineapple, it was some kind of salsa.  Pretty good too!



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Looks real good from here!




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Now that looks good enough eat.

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