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New Build Coming to an End

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First off, hold off on extreme criticism!  I am a computer guy by trade, and professional amateur smoker (haha) on the weekend!  My welding skills where first learned about 7 months ago welding a small box together among a few other small things. My uncle let me use his stuff, but wouldn't lift a finger (he did hold some things for me)!  So at first I was just going for a big charcoal grill, then switched direction to an offset smoker.  I have had the tank someone gave to me a while back.  They had a couple holes and the lid cut out already cut out...but no legs as seen in the pic.  It is a 120 gallon propane tank.  So far I am pretty happy with the turn out.  It is almost complete.  So without further ado…



This is after I put the legs on, found some old wheels laying around his shop.



This was already cut out when I got it.  I filled it in some, as you will see later, and cut more out at the bottom.



Start of the firebox, filled in some of the hole. 



Firebox completed.The vents at the bottom slide closed, and the door pulls shut and actually has a complete seal!




As you can see, I added new bigger wheels, widened the base, added a couple shelfs, cooking grate, there is a charcoal grate below that one and then one to catch charcoal below that.  Dual stacks were added too to help with temp and flow.  Inside the firebox there is a heat deflector that comes out about 10 - 12 inches so the heat doesn't go in the cooking chamber and straight up.


Next for Memorial Day.  Then I will finish up and paint!

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Looks like an ambitious build for a novice welder!  Nice looking rig; looks like you solved some of the problems the first builder created, too.  Can't wait to hear how it works for ya and to see the first Q-view out of it!  Congrats!

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Looks better than store bought to me. When you get her fired up, pics of the grub would be great to see.

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Nice work for an amateur. icon_lol.gif Can't wait to see more pics and Q-View.

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Nice build, have you fired it up yet?

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Looks pretty good to me....

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Coming along very nice

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Oh Yeah, its going to be fun seeing this beast cook.  Nice job.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looks very good.


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forget the paint fire it up and lets eat

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