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Thanks to SmokeyMo

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A while back Rick posted some information on his rub. I sent him a message that I was interested in his recipe. He was so kind and sent me a sample It will be a bit before I can taste it and offer an opinion ( I currently have 5 rubs that I am reviewing) but I did open it and taste it.  It seems to might tasty and he developed it to accomodate folks with allergies so I am interested in how he has done this.


Rick is one of the nicest folks I have run into here on the fourm and I am really looking forward to trying his rub

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cool....keep us posted!

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Looking forward to your review of all the rubs.

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keeping my eye on this one popcorn.gif

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You are too kind my friend.


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I'm sure you'll get a good review Rick  101.gif

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Hypoallergenic Rub? That could be a moneymaker right there!

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My dad likes BBQ but the onions garlic and peppers tear him up, even if its just in the rub.  So I started playing with spices. Here are the basics, basil, ground coriander, sage, thyme, tarragon, dry mustard, paprika, crushed black pepper, salt and a little chili powder.


I can pm you with amounts if you want some. It doesn't have the same kick but it gets rave reviews from the people we cook for.  

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I plan on doing some ribs using his rub this next week, if we ever get over these dang colds we got this week... So far all either of us has done is cough, sleep and feel like well you know...


I opened mine and tasted it and it tasted really good..

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I put some on some chicken that I smoked for an hour and finished on the grill. There is a great flaor for sure. Nice job my friend icon14.gif

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