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Grilled Mullet

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grilling mullet.bmp

started grilling mullet


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Done and GOOD

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They were very good


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awesome smoked fish or should i say kippered.............biggrin.gif

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Awww Rick and here I thought Billy Ray Cyrus's hair was toast. Looks good buddy.
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Great job Rick, I love me some mullet!

Hope your doin' well my friend 101.gif

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Thanks guys , I just started grilling fish more this year , The mullet were great my girls and I caugth them Easter . my cell phone takes real crappy pics. but I hope to go with a different one by the end of the month

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They look great!   thumb1.gif

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O boy grilled fish with lemon and olive oil and glass off ouzo .

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lol real good stuff lol


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