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Pork Tenderloin.

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Hi gang,


Tonight I smoked my personal best pork loin.  I was surfing the site this morning, and I came across a post of Richoso1.  It was the Bacon Smoked Pork Tenderloin Recipe  by the BBQ Pit Boys.  Thank you Richoso, and the BBQ Pit Boys.  It came out awesome.  I've never liked cooking pork tenderloin.  The main reason is that I've always over cooked it; as in I didn't know what the hell I was doing.  I'll do this again.  I didn't have thin sliced bacon for this cook.  I will for the next cook though. 


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Looks good yota, Pork loins can be a challenge!

Yours looks great

Thanks for sharin'  beercheer.gif

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It looks like hell biggrin.gif But I bet it was good. As long as you don't take it above 145º you should have a find tenderloin. Don't forget to wrap it in foil for atleast 30 minutes after you take it off the grill.  Of course I am still confused as to whether this is Loin or a Tenderloin.

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I think the color is great. Looks like you did an excellent job.

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From the pics, I think that was a pork tenderloin.  They cook much differently than a pork loin.  I like the lower temps, and if it is intact muscle, even the retarded USDA has reduced the recommended temps.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thanks for the kind words guys.  This was a tenderloin; 1 1/4 lbs.  The meat thermometer said 143* F when it came off of the grill.  I always let my meat rest.  Until now I've always over cooked it: 160*F.  This tenderloin was very juicy, and the flavor was great.  What a difference.  th_wsmsmile0ly.gif

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Thank-you USDA! Now we can all have tender juicy pork! Your sliced shots looked delicious!

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