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DanMcG said "just do it" so I did.

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Stole this recipe from DanMcG 


Didn't make many changes,  only used 4.5 lbs each of chuck and round so adjusted the amount of cure but left the amounts of the other seasonings alone.


Did use yellow mustard (3x recommended amt of dry mustard) and substituted Fruit Fresh for the citric acid and dextrose.


After cubing the meat and adding the cure and salt the meat chunks went in the fridge for three days.  The meat was ground through a  1/4 plate, seasoned and then reground through a 1/8 inch plate.    


The stuffed sausages went back in the fridge for a day or so.


Put it in the smokehouse for a 4 hour cold smoke, pulled it, refrigerated over night, went home the next morning and tossed it on the Lang 36 to get to safe temp.


Good eaten stuff,  Thanks Dan.



Cured and 1/4 inch grind

cured and ground.jpg








Final grind, seasoned and well kneaded with a couple cups of cold water added to make it easier to stuff









Drying in the smokehouse


drying in the smokehouse.jpg






Finished in the smokehouse




Sticks where pulled from the cold smoke, refrigerated overnight and put on the Lang 36 for 2 hrs the next morning to temp

This is a finish shot showing final color.






Sausage sticks, homemade whole wheat bread, garden tomato, home canned sweet relish and Blue Plate Mayo.






I had and used cellulose casings so they didn't tighten around the meat the way I expected after the cold smoke.  Once in the Lang the casing shrunk down and made for a well formed sausage stick.


I need to get a longer stuffing tube for my Northern Tool 5 lb stuffer.  I could only get about 4 ft of casing at a time on the tube so it took longer then expected to stuff the sausage.


If you have never done snack sticks before give them a try. 


Thanks for Looking











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The sticks look great, Al. Awesome color! I guess this is one more for the todo list. 

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sweet....great looking sammy

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Great lookin stuff!


Good luck and good smoking.

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good lookin' sticks al!

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Looks real good Al!!!!


Almost a BearView too!


Thanks for showing,


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Looks like they turned out quite nicely. Congrats

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Man O Man them sticks look great nice job..

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Mmmmm tasty!



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Nice sticks


And my kind of smokehouse.

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I'm glad ya like them Al,

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Thanks everyone, they did come out pretty well.  I think I like them better as they where intended, as a snack stick.  My wife is eating them like hot dogs, a bit of mustard on a hot dog bun.  Good eats no matter how you like them.


Thanks for the recipe Dan 

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Looks great


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The only thing I see wrong with those stix is you didn't make enough............ No Worries... you'll have plenty of time till October   sausage.gif


Nice work



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that is one heck of a set-up!!  nicely done.......   drool.gif

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I'm trying a couple of things I have never done before so I can have them for the SELA gathering.  Right now it looks like I'll have a Polish, the snack sticks, a mustard sausage, and I think I need to find one more.  Maybe I'll do an original style Andouille where the meat is hand sliced into 1/4 inch chunks!


I like the idea of cold smoking a cured sausage and then bringing to temp on the Lang.  Will make a nice treat while waiting for a butt or brisket to finish.


Maybe I'll hit ShooterRick up for some of those Buffalo trimmings?  HUM?  Jalapeno Porkalo?


Thanks all for the kind words



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>>>>>>Maybe I'll do an original style Andouille where the meat is hand sliced into 1/4 inch chunks! 



Like this???







Have a great day!!



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Or maybe I'll Just ask FPNMF to do it for me!

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