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Pork loins

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How do smoked pork loins smoke?

Do they slice good when done ( 3/4" thick) ? or do most of you shread them?

I have seen stuffed loins but not just smoked and slice thick.


What is your favorite way to do loins? 

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I would put them in the smoker at 225 until you get to around 145 inside! Let it rest at least 30 & it will be nice & juicy for you. Be sure you don't overcook themits easy to do & easy to dry them out! I usually use a light wood like apple for mine.

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i did a 5# the other day . smoker temp was 240 , pulled it at 140 internal after only 2 hrs ( they cook pretty fast ) real juicy

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What about the tenderloins, ever smoked those?

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Or you could  cure them and make Canadian Bacon.

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Or you could wrap them in bacon.

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You can do the tenderloins to the same temp or you could stuff them for an even tastier treat

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Originally Posted by Kobornigan View Post

What about the tenderloins, ever smoked those?






Loins have little fat, so normally you would not try and shred them, though someone on here recently did. You can always lay some bacon over top as it smokes. I pull mine from the smoker in that 145º area also.

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I cook loins all the time i use a brisket pump and rub  and they turn out great. Cook to 150 degrees

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Loins are lean, so they need lower temps not to dry out.  If you stuff them, they are no longer intact muscle meat and would need to go to a higher temp.  That would lead to dryer meat unless handled very carefully.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thanks for the info !

Going to order a case of loins from work and do some experimenting with them.

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