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MES 40 w/ AMNS 6x8

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I am excited that I have the 6x8 AMNS and Maverick ET-732 waiting for me when I get home today.  I am planning on doing my first brisket this weekend for Memorial Day.  I have planned on starting the brisket around midnight and letting it go as long as needed, hopefully being able to serve it the next day around 7 PM.  With the 6x8 AMNS and my MES 40 set at 225 degrees, will I be able to keep smoke going without baby sitting overnight?  How long can I expect smoke to last with the 6x8 in the MES 40?  Should I leave the center row empty and light both ends, or fill all rows and light just one end?  Thanks in advance for the advice!

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Plan on my first brisket this weekend as well. Welcome, and good luck.


As for the time line for you new AMNS, there are quite a few folks here who use that religiously in their MES40's. They'll be along shortly

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If you want it to go all night pack it full & light one end.

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sounds like a good plan.  I had just read about needing to keep the middle row empty on smokes above 180 degrees because it may jump rows and not last as long.  How long should I expect it to smoke if I light one end with the MES going at 225?

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If you want it to go all night pack it full & light one end.


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Congratulations...  You will love it...

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I have not had that jumping row issue in my SmokinTex but some have in the MES. You might leave the middle one empty but then you are only going to get about 4 hours. Just keep it as far away from the heat as possible.

Good luck  

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Just pack it tight and keep below top of dividers. Never jumped for me and will last 6+ hours (lasted 8+ a couple times)

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