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pink pork

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just read an article this morning that the USDA will be announcing sometime today that it is ok to cook pork to 145 degrees . i have been cooking it at that temp for years , juicy , pink , and tender . i suggest for those who have been a little leary about a lower temp. ( and i understand that ) to forget about the 160 - 165 temps and try 145 , you will not believe the difference

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Yeap I heard 145 and hold for 3 minutes. but I still would eat it pink!


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I like mine about 150 to 155. 145 is to pink and mussy for me on pork...but thanks for the info others will like

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I eat it at that temp too, but keep in mind the USDA still recommends cooking pork to 160.

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hi al , i'm just reporting what i saw on the internet this morning , it said that SOMETIME today the USDA is ,  going to reccomend 140 , we'll see

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sorry , i hit the wrong button , should be 145 not 140

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Muscle meat including pork 145 degrees with a wait of 3 minutes 160 for any ground meat, 165 for poultry thats the new USDA guide lines. Say pinks ok. Just agreeing with what Ive done for years.
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Yep, think we have atleast 4 or 5 post on this now. sausage.gif

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Another post on this one.  The USDA finally caught up with science, but don't expect Washington D. C. to follow suit.  Keep in mind that those temps are for intact muscle meat and not for sausage or organ meat.


Good luck and good smoking.

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