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Pork Loin Riblets

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It's been a while since I've had a chance to fire up my smoker, but I was at the grocery store today and picked up a 10lb box of Pork Loin Riblets for $1.49.  Yes, $1.49.  After I got home I realized how cheap they were and went back to get more, but they were all marked $14.90.


So I have a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker and planning using some hickory with a couple pieces of charcoal mixed in.  I typically just give the meats I smoke a dry rub.  Any tips as far as temps, times, foil etc on these?

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$1.49  lol, that's a good price!

Not sure what a riblet is so I can't really help with any smoking suggestions,

Do ya have a pic of one?

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The only place that I have ever seen them is at Applebee`s...They are good.

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If it's cut from the loin it's going to be pretty lean. How about wrapping them in bacon?

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The riblet is basically the trimmings from spareribs. Small flat bones. These have a nice layer of fat on one side.


I wanted to make some for lunch today so I put a thin layer of mustard on them along with some rub. Gonna put them in the smoker around 200-220. Will post pics when done.

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a few months ago before the price of pork skyrocketed you could buy then at restaurant dpot for 99 cents a lb for 10 # box

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Nice find..  sounds like before you made it back for more someone noticed the pricing mistake...LOL

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