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wild turkey

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another buddy of mine asked me to smoke a wild turkey that he shot this spring, i told him to thaw it and bring it over.  he brought it over friday night, so i did not have time to brine it. saturday morning i fired up the MES 40 to 245 with apple and hickory going in the AMNS.  i washed and seasoned the bird with a chipolte lime rub and draped the bacon. i put the bird in about 7:30 am with a couple pork shoulders, 1 for my brother in laws b-day party that night and one to vacuum seal for later use.





about 10:30 am i pulled the bacon off so the skit could crisp up and pulled the bird about 11:10 am when the breast temp hit 165.  for being a wild turkey, i think it had a better taste than the store birds you can buy.  nice flavor, very juicy and my buddy really like it,  i'm guessing i will be doing his other 2 birds as well.

thanx for looking.


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It looks good and I'm gonna guess that you set the smoker at 245 and not 145?

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That was gonna be my first question, Piney.

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ooopppppsss fat finger, thanx for catching it piney, ill correct it in my post.

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