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Poll Results: Is the BBQ Guru a worthy investment?

  • 28% (4)
    Hell yes, I can't live/grill without it!
  • 0% (0)
    No way, it's a gimmick and not worth the cash.
  • 50% (7)
    Great product but for the average home smoker it might be a bit overkill.
  • 21% (3)
    Scrp the Guru and get a Maverick and fuggetaboutit!
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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post


I get 20 hours out of one load in my WSM. If you mix in a bunch of chunks with the charcoal you get smoke & perfect temps for 20 hours without touching it. I can go to sleep at night & when I get up in the AM the temp is right on & she's still smoking. The WSM will hold temps very well on it's own, but if it gets windy or cold or starts to rain the temp will vary widely. The Guru takes all that into consideration & adjusts the air flow so the temp stays steady. As I said previously IMHO consistent temps are critical for consistent BBQ.



I wasn't really a big fan of leaving a bunch of unlit lump in the cooker but when I left some is when the Guru got me 3 hours. I was just prelighting the coals and then adding them. All that's over now with the stick burner. I'm selling the Guru with the BB Chef to a buddy.


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Not sure how many of you are DIY types, but I'm in the process of building three of these:


I have a BBQ Guru, but will hopefully be retiring it after I get this wireless version up and running.  I use my Guru when cooking over night or at a higher temp on my UDS.  If I cook over 325 on my UDS I need the help of the fan to maintain that temp.


For regular smoking the UDS is stable and doesn't really need any help.


I also use my Guru when cold smoking because I swap in my 1500 watt electrical element in my UDS and the Guru really keeps it nice and stable at the 100 degree range.



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