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Sat Chicken leg quarters

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Sat. I did 24 leg quartera, brined them for 24 hours with a weak brine of salt- brown sugar- whole pepper corns- cajun spice- and red pepper flakes. Patted them dry then let air dry,lightly coated with EVOO and my "special" rub, while smoker was comming up to temp, 325 on thermeter, which is 280 at the cooking level.


Here they are just put on the grill.





After 1 hr with the smoke comming on strong, let them go 2 hr total then flipped them skin side up and and go another 1 1/2 hr to color up the skin side.





Hot off the grill, pulled at 165




I covered them with foil and a towel and let them rest for 1 hr.  Just as I took them into the house, I was call out on a trouble call and was gone for 2 hrs.  When I got back home, momma had wolfed down two of them and made some delicious smoked chicken salad with the rest.  SO - sorry didn't get the money shot, but they had a nice smoke pink most of the way through, juicy,and momma said they tasted great.  The skin was not crisp, but at our age we don't eat it anyway, just keep it on to help keep them moist.  They were sure great in the salad.


Now that you are drooling all over your self, I will leave and let you dream of your next smoke.



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Looks fabulous!!!




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Looks good to me, although my wife always balks at 165º chicken. More like 185º for her. wife.gif

Even then, I have to run them on a hot grill to crisp up the skin I starting pulling them off the smoker at 170º, then to the grill. Still even without brinning, they are still quite juicy.

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They look delicious, Bud!  thumb1.gif

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those looks good!!

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Bud the french will say ou la la, thy look yummy . how could you leave with out having one.

you must have will power of steel .icon_mrgreen.gif


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Looks Great...

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