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Made a deer sausage run at it (with Q-view)

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Hey folks. Been a long while since I have posted, but thought I would share what Ive been doin lately. really jumped feet first into the sausage stuffin and smoking. Processing cost way too much and couldnt let 6 hindquarters and shoulders go to waste in the freezer. Made about 12 pounds of fresh breakfast sausage this weekend. What ya'll think?


Here is 10 lbs of fresh cubes deer meat ready for the grinder

District 4-20110521-00060.jpg


here, my lovely assistant (wife) is cutting the mix with approx 2 lbs of pork fat

District 4-20110521-00063.jpg


On to the stuffer. We use the Grizzly 5lb model. Works great and no way Im gonna break the plastic gear.

Stuffing into 32mm casing with a 3/4 tube.



Here is all 12lbs stuffed and ready to go in the fridge overnight

District 4-20110521-00066.jpg


Here they are in the smoker. I like a heavy smoke, so laid the smoke to um until they hit 165 (gotta get me some hooks)

District 1-20110522-00067.jpg


The finished product. Nice and firm. Good texture




I did a small batch of summer sausage last weekend. Came out fantastic. Here are a few shots of them


sittin in the fridge to cure. The small snack stick was just what was leftover in the stuffer.





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Looks  great!!!


 Thanks for the pictures!



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looks good thanks


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Looks good from here.  Send me sausage for a more definitive answer.


Good luck and good smoking.

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