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Looks pretty cool, looking forward to some BBQ. points.gif

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Thanks , I forgot to add this photo



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Hi Gang,


Here are a few more pics


We had a huge storm which brought down some pretty big trees, that being said, I cut a branch

to make my handle :-)


The top shelf is secured to the re-bar which the grill sits on.

The bottom shelf has 3 small blocks of wood to keep the barrel in place.

I installed the same set-up on the back-side. Together the barrel stays in place.


I still have to install grill level thermometer.








You can't see it in this photo, but I put about 2" high x 12" wide of sand on the bottom

of the barrel then I placed the original door on the sand to create a heat shield.

I'm hoping this will help keep heat in the cooking chamber.

I'll keep you posted on how well this works!


The grill is in place except I had to come home today :-(

I'll be back up in a few days so I will fire it up, see how it works, and Qview,,, I hope


Keep in touch



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Nice work on that smoker Dave! Looks great.

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Looks real nice from my house !!!!


Next up------Qview !!





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Wow looks like allott of work...cant wait to see how that bad boy cooks...looks great and has me a thinking...icon_idea.gif

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Yea thats lookn good man, can't wait till you can fire it up!

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That's some fine work! I have to talk the wife into Buying a new smoker, 'cause the only tools I have are Knives, Spatulas and Whisks!...JJ

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Thanks guys


It wasn't that hard because most of the materials I had lying around so I just had to think about things, do research, and get some input from my SMF Friends :-)


I aquired new skills as a result and was able to fix a few mistakes LOL. I think I have the chimney too high but I can work around that. I plan on making a removable second second level to cook.


What I like the most is I have been talking about it to my local cottage neighbours about the smoker and now I have 4 nice size fruit trees I can cut-up and get ready for smoke.


Take care and I'll have photos soon :-)


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