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Resurrect or not to Resurrect?

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Today as I was doing yard work, I came across an old smoker.  I had walked by it many times before and hadn't paid much attention to it before as I didn't know what it was.  It wasn't till after I had grown an interest in smoking that just today, I realized what a beauty it is.  This smoker is one of the many treasures that my grandpa left behind after he passed away 6 years ago.  Its easy to see that it needs a large amount of work and will not be a one man job.  Im looking for opinions.  I want to bring this piece of art back to life, but i don't want to spend time on a lost cause.


The dimensions are roughly 4' tall 3' wide' 4' deep.



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my dimensions are a bit off...4 feet tall..5 wide..3 feet deep

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Well,,,,,,,Fire it up and see what kinda temps you get just like it sits.


If temps run decent then by all means clean that baby up and remember your grandpa every time you smoke. I'm sure he would be happy to see ya make use of it. 


From what I can see, it doesn't look like it would take to much to get it shined up. Not near as much work as building a new one that is.

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i tried lightin it up earlier..it has wood in the burn box..the wife talked me out of it..atm I can't "have" it, but it probably hasnt moved in 20 years, so i dont think there is a risk of it goin away any time soon :)


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Oh my!!!! If it were me and it was my grandfather's I'd bring that baby back to life! That's history there man! Take the time and work to have that in YOUR backyard and like tom said have beer for grandpa every time you fire it up!

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And if you don't want it let me know! If you are close by I may take it......I am actually wanting a trailer smoker and that looks like it may work!

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im sold on restoring it..im at the crossroads of where to start..and its not really a crossroads as much as it is a LA HIghway junction..

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I'd start with a sand blast and see how it turns out after that! I'd say after a little sand blast she should be good to paint!

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i had that in mind..just gotta find a place to do it 

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Tinker with it for now, and work on the wife. Remind her it was your grandpa's, that may work. LOL


It may not even take blasting, might be able to hit it with a sanding block and a shot of high temp paint. If it makes heat, you could just shine it up a bit for now and wait to do a total restore until a late date.

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ill see what happens..im goin to check and see if i can move it first, and then start her up and see how she cooks

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>>>>>>>the wife talked me out of it..atm I can't "have" it



Huh???  Hope she changes her mind... I would defiantly keep a family heirloom...yeah that's the ticket..



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I would tell her OK .You can't have no more jewelry no family jewels.Because that's what shes telling you.A wire wheel sander first Then a HOT FIRE to burn off rust and cheap cooking oil season it like a skillet .you do it enough and water will bead on it.I'm biased because my Father made my smoker and he gone now.

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what a great find.. can't wait to see it restored.. icon14.gif

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Go for it try to get it back smoking again

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man..that's awesome and a nice bit of nostalgia from yesteryear......I agree with everyone else...fire it up first and see what she does.....then if you think it'll be a great smoker for you....take it in..have someone blast the heck outta it to clean off the rust...put some Hightemp paint on it, and smoke away



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Go for it buddy, this thing's a beauty. The first time she tastes the food that comes off of it, she'll forgive you.

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Just price replacening it .Though it's irreplable cause your grandfater only made one.

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