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How to Clean

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I just Bought a New Braunfels Smoker used smoker. It is this one Figured that I got a great deal of $50. It has a option to do porpane or not. I want clean it out real well then season it. I want to try and get it to being as if brand new. Any suggestions on what to do or to make sure i don't do to destroy it.   Also if there is anyone out there that might know the model of this as i would like to get a manual or something on it as to know what i need to know about this smoker.




Thanks for any help you all can provide.

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The link has been deleted on Craigslist.  Can you post a pic?

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If all you want to clean is the inside cooking chamber I would build a good fire in it and let it have a good burn,  scrape down the walls with a wire brush knocking off all the dried gunk,  brush down the grates.  When it cools down you can hit it with a pressure washer.  There isn't much you can do to hurt an offset smoker.


To re-season built a small fire in the side box, spray a can of cheap Pam on all the cooking surfaces and cooking chamber then let burn at about 300 for an hour.  You may want to let cool, wipe down with a clean cloth and repeat.   If there is rust on the outside brush the rust down and rub some cheap Crisco on the rust spot and let heat while doing the seasoning.  You want it to get hot enough that the oil forms a good, nonstick coating like you have on a well seasoned iron skillet.


I can't remember the name of it but I am sure you could find a food safe preservative for the wood at Academy sports or any outdoors shop that carries smokers and grills.

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That's the same one i used to have.Needs the charcoal basket . a baffle made and the stack lowered to grate level. It will put out some great smoked foods


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I would power wash it then burn out both compartments...jmo

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Thanks for the info. any tips, hints or suggestions on using it. This is new for me. I have been using an electric one and just set and let it go

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I think that I am going to do the powerwash thing for sure.

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