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Saturday Smoke

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Well, I really wanted to smoke some stuff this weekend so i, and i know it is cheating, smoked a stick of bologna i picked up at the store, and also tried some beans, and abts. Anyway here are the pics, and the finished product went off to work with my wife for the girls in the ICU.  Here ya goIMG_1273.jpg







the ABT's have italian sausage and cream cheese


Thanks for looking...

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Lookin' Great so far. Butt where are the rest of the abt's? Only 8 of them, you should be ashamed!

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well it was a trail run, never made them before so i didn't buy a lot of stuff just to try, will make a smoker full next time...

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Looks good!!



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Everything looks great!   thumb1.gif

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Smoked bologna? How was that? Hmmm sounds good!
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looking good.. Nice job

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it is great on a sandwich

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