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Chicken for 50

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Had our end of the year staff meeting this week and I was volunteered to cook the protein. Went with chicken.

Got chicken leg thigh combos for .99 cents a lb,
Started out brineing them the night before in slaughter house brine,

Had five 2 1/2 gallon bag full of chicken.




I panicked because all the chicken was not going to fit in the GOSM Big Block. Made a run to Home depot and bought two  adjustable racks that with  very little modification worked great. Load the smoker in the suburban and headed to the park.

Meat on at noon.



. Cranked the burner to high hoping to get the skin crisp and with the smoker loaded with 60 leg thigh pieces i could not get the temps above 250, and ran at 225 most of the time.
Pulled a piece at 2:30 pm and it was done. left it on low for another 15 minutes then turned it off and served up the chicken at 3:30.

I got busy and did not get any shots of the finished product.

Our Culinary Teacher  said the color and presentation was perfect. I think she was just kissing up to the Boss lol.

I was happy with the outcome today. Loving my GOSM Big Block.


Thanks for looking





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Wish we could have seen the finale!

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Sounds great Robert. Too bad theres not a finished shot.

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Congrats on a big smoke I'm sure it was enjoyed by all.

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Thasnks everyone I feel like i should tape a big L on my head for loser for not getting a final pic.


Next time for sure


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Sounds like it turned out great in the end. Too bad no qview.

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I'm sure they were yummy! Besides a pork butt, chickens are my favorite!
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sounds like it was a winner nice job

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I thought I was losing it Robert!

I thought I commented on this already.

Turns out there is a duplicate thread.

Below is a copy & paste of my comment on the other one:




Nice job Robert!---That's a lot of bird parts!!!


Sure wish I could see the finished color.  th_crybaby2.gif




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sounds good you mast do a redo   this time with Qview icon_mrgreen.gif

thanks sausage.gif

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