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First REAL Smoke!!

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Ok, so I have been toying with the idea of replacing my 15yr old Brinkmann SNP Pro but just havent pulled the trigger yet.  I have tried smoking on it before with no luck, but after reading a ton of information here there and everywhere, I thought I would try my hand at smoking a pork tenderloin last night.  I must say, I impressed myself!   It took a lot longer than expected and the family was really really hungry by the time it got done so no pics, but had a good 1/8 inch smoke ring around edges and it was so juciy.  Used a generic rub and cherry wood. I would use a different rub next time but overall was happy with the result. The lowest the temp would go was between 235-240.  I had a pan in front of the firebox opening to deflect some of the heat but even with the vent totally closed, it wouldnt go any lower. Maybe I will think about doing some mods on ol' SNP and keep it around a little longer.

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Sounds like a success Danny, but around here we have a saying.




Seriously, I'm glad it turned out well for you.

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 Have a great day!!




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