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My first heart-attack fattie

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hot pork sausage, fresh spinach, mozz cheese assorted misc seasonings..



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Real nice!!



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good lookin nice work

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Looks great, I need to try them healthy spinach fatty's some day. icon14.gif

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"healthy" and "fattie" in the same sentence?!!! Never thought I would see that!! Nice work!
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Great looking meal!

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Very nice AB, I love spinach and you packed a lot in there!


Hmmm..., first, as in the first you have ever made or first, as in the beginning of a long line of heart attack fatties?  biggrin.gif


Next, question, is that risotto on your plate?



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That looks soooo freaking good! Wow!

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Looks Great AB !!!


Just so everybody knows---Bearcarver has never posted a Fatty on this forum (or any other forum), so he takes NO responsibility for reprimands from anyone's Cardiologist!!!!




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