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First timer

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Ok, after drooling over the ABT posts these last few qweeks, A, had a weekend of nothing but smokin!!


I did ABT's, Fattie, Turkey Breast, Beef Roast and a load of cold smoked cheese with MY new A-MAZE-N Smoker> 


The goods:



Dozen Jalepanos


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forgot this pic

 also, thats hot pepperoni, honey mustard, and munster cheese



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Looks delicious AlaskanBear!

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That all looks great! Nice work!
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   That was my next questionicon_eek.gif. Now,what did you do it all on;and by the way,it looks devinedrool.gif



Have fu and...

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Looks delicious!!



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good looking ABT's there....nice touch with the Munster cheese

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You have been a busy boy!

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