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Smoked Kielbasa Again

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Between us and our neighbors we go through smoked kielbasa like crazy peeps.



Made up my mix and added an extra Tbs of mustard seeds....So this 5 lb batch has 2 Tbs.




This is good 80/20 GB before the kielbasa mix.




After the mix in with the meat. I will cover this and re mix in the morning and stuff into 32mm collagen. Prob going to do a double smoke again.


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Is this one of those "secret" recipes???






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Super secret???????????????????

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Does not sound like it ...It has 2Tbls of Mustard seeds in it.....write that down when he makes another batch he will give us another ingredient....Ha Ha Ha...

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Here we go again.



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Double bubble super secret even.


Hey now....DOH


Either my eyes are not calibrated anymore or one of us 3 is getting whooped icon_eek.gif


Hanging to dry the casings.




Getting some hickory smoke around 7 hours total at 2 different times. Undecided if i want to hit em with cold smoke after.


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How do you like using those casings?  I have always used natural.

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Great looking sausage as usual

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Dang it Rick, you doing it to us again!!!

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popcorn.gif  Money shot....

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Not done yet. Sausage takes time and you will run into a stall temp. If you do this in 4 hours your temp is to high.

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Here is a shot. IT is 142




Relaxing at my neighbors drinking, smoking. eating smoked cheese and bologna.


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930 pull from the smoker. Blooming now then fridge.....Got a late posting going.



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I smoked 5 pounds of family receipe kielbasa yesterday myself and used pork tenderloin and strip steak.  We eat a LOT of sausage and try to make it as low fat as possible and still taste good.


We were using lean turkey, but we went to sam's club and I found that the pork tenderloings are only 1.5 grams of fat.  I also buy what they call a "top loin" at Sam's and cut my own steaks out of it and grind some up for the sausage.  This tastes much better than the turkey with almost the same amount of fat. 

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Looks Great Nepas...


Super Secret Recipe Huh...

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Nice job Nepas!

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$$ Shots


Time for cutting, tasting and vac sealing for delivery.






Thats what i'm talkin bout willis




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Looks great as usual NEPAS !!!!



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Couldn't be better!


Good luck and good smoking.

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