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Chimney vs. Vent Holes in Top

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Hello All,


I was looking for some info/advice on a smoker build I'm still thinking through. I'm the "Plywood MES-40 Clone" guy below. Anway, one of what will probably be many questions I'll have is the use of a chimney rather than simply putting one or two vent holes in the top. I'm thinking about a plywood box, 2' x 2' x 4' high with either an electric element or a small propane burner, mostly to use for smoking sausages. I already have an Oklahome Joe (old one) w/ SFB that I use for briskets, butts, etc., so the plywood box will be mostly for larger quantities of sausage and at lower temps - 160-170 deg. max, most likely.


Right now, I was thinking about an air intake hole, maybe 1" or so, near the bottom and one or two vent holes at the top at about the same size. Should this be enough ventilation?  Would two small intakes and two small exhausts make for more even temperature distribution inside? Am I better off adding a chimney instead? What about two holes in the top, spaced apart, with a six inch peice of 1" pipe in each for chimneys?


Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.



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I would say no for the holes.What would you do if a rainstorm  blew up when full.Electric and water don't mix. Just use vent pipe and cap.

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If you're only going to make it 1" pipe, just put two 90s on the top end---no water gets in then.




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Ahh, I see that I neglected some important info. The smoker will be stored on my covered patio, completely out of the elements. My plan is to move it to the edge of the patio when in use, but it would still be out of any direct rainfall. Would rain protection be the only reason for a chimney? From my reading on this forum, it sounds like a chimney will also help with the airflow as well, which is part of why I was asking.


Again, any info is appreciated.




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