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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

They were fine, but it has become our mutual opinion that doing a whole hog seems to be more for aesthetics than anything else.

We changed to doing as many Fresh Hams (uncured), Briskets, Shoulders, etc as needed instead.

That way you get all good meat, and none of the "garbage".


Just my 2 cents.




BTW: What temp did they use to do a whole hog in 4 or 5 hours?

I agree Bear, we have been doing whole hogs 15+ year we even have a whole hog trailer Rotisserie . But we now prefer just doing pork shoulders . Like bear said better meat and a lot less waste. BUt the cool factor of a whole hog sometimes out ways the it makes sense.


We use newmans italian dressing and inject about 4-5 bottles into a 200-25- hog.




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Great job on the pig Bobo,

Looks like it had some awesome bark.

Thanks for sharing  thumb1.gif

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oink oink yummmmm

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Originally Posted by smokinBoBo View Post


That looks fantastic.

 Might have to try a small piggy like this.


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thanks bear.  I think I'm going to try to make one of those cookers so I dont have to rent it everytime, I've been researching it on here and there are a lot of people with great ideas on this site

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Great looking pig BoBo... Nice job. icon14.gif

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Looks Good

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I've been involved in a couple of pig roasts.  One was buried and the other was a skewer job cooked over hot coals.  Both took a lot longer than 5 hours.  The one over hot coals was when I was in the military in Okinawa Japan and it was actually a stolen pig.  Hey, I was drunk and there was a lot of peer pressure involved.  But yeah, me and a buddy snuck into a pig farm, picked out a good one, shot it with a compound bow from 4 feet away and carried it out.  My buddy did the deed and it was a perfect kill shot as it fell instantly and even bounce.  The only problem was shooing away the other pigs that were trying to lap up the blood.  I should probably say drug it out as this sucker was about a 300 to 350 pounder.


Anyway, we  cooked the pig on the hill where my shop was (which was a former gun placement during WWII (that some previous US military personnel had turned into a BBC pit) for a lot longer than 5 hours and there were still parts that weren't done, although we did cut enough off to feed the crowd we had for our 4th of July party.  The worst part was that we threw the head into one of the garbage cans at my shop and the following week the Chief informed me that I had something to take care of in one of the garbage cans.  When I went out there and looked in the can, there was a pig's head floating in a sea of maggots.  To this day one of my favorite people on Earth is Staff Sgt John Phillips who held the garbage bag for me as I dumped the maggot soup into it.  I had never before or since seen so many maggots in one place.

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